Highway, Runway, & Bridge Services

Specialized Highway

United Construction offers an extensive range of specialized highway and pavement repair services including:

  • Dowel Bar Retrofit
  • Bump Grinding
  • Rumble Strips
  • Unsound Concrete Repair
  • Crack Routing & Sealing
  • Crack, Seal & Overlay
  • Saw & Seal and Stitching
Concrete Grinding

United Construction offers Mainline Grinding to ensure that highways and pavements meet tolerance requirements. We also offer “corrective grinding” at Penhall to help finish pavements and provide a cost effective solution to create a smooth finish for our customers and eliminate unsafe surface bumps.

Concrete Grooving

With the use of G-38 and PC-3000 Highway Groovers, we make all kinds of pavement safer. We can provide grooving for airports, highways, and bridges, providing a smoother, quieter ride for drivers while simultaneously increasing traction, eliminating otherwise necessary tapers and lane closures, and decreasing the danger of hydroplaning.