Asphalt & Concrete Cutting

United Construction has a wide array of saws available—both gas and electric—for virtually any cutting depth or requirement. Our skilled craftsmen can provide simple pavement cutting to elaborate decorative cuts that enhance the beauty of a building’s design.
Concrete Cutting

Green Sawing

New construction can also benefit from United ’s expertise. United Construction crews have been called upon to provide green sawing—cutting joints in newly-poured or "green" concrete—a technique that is used to control random cracking in the concrete. This often precision process requires real skill in order to achieve superior results—and United delivers the right cut every time!

Flat Sawing

Our flat saws can cut anywhere from 0-26 inches deep through both asphalt and concrete. Our saws cut with horsepower at an output of 44 to 90 hp. with a max speed of 15000 rpm.

Wall Sawing

Our wall saws are precise in achieving exact cuts. They can be operated remotely and can cut anywhere from 25-33 inches deep without overcuts, which is especially useful in large jobs where the concrete is extremely thick and otherwise difficult to penetrate.

Wire Cutting

Our wire cutters use pulley system that pulls our diamond-infused wire and subsequently cuts deeply and precisely. Our methods generally wrap the wire around a pipe or box in order to cut it. WE utilize wire cutters to attach and wrap the wire around an object in order to achieve a precise cut.

Hand Sawing

We utilize a variety of handsaws ranging from electric, gas, and hydraulic powered. Primarily used for small spaces, corners, and small openings, we use handsaws generally inside to cut concrete at slabs around 14x14 and 16x16.