Completed Projects

Bridge Deck Grooving

UCS was contracted to saw cut groove a 420 square meter (4,521 square foot) bridge deck. The bulk of the job was done with a high-production bridge deck system, with the flared entranceways being done with a smaller unit.

Saw Cut & Sealing

UCS took on an annual contract with Fort Myer Construction to saw cut & asphalt seal. Our crews did approximately 2,000 linear feet a day of expansion joints in NHS routes using its dry-cut vacuum method, then immediately applied hot-melt sealant to the joints.

Expansion Joint Rehabilitation

United Construction was contracted to rehabilitate the expansion joints through various streets under the citywide restoration project in Washington, DC. Old sealant was removed, joints were widened, joints were sandblasted, runway was vacuum swept, then backer rod and new joint sealant was installed.

Bridge Deck Removal

United was contracted to remove the bridge deck of the damaged bridge to allow for repairs. United provided two saws on the job, each set up for different cutting depths. This arrangement prevented the down time of blade changes when cutting the different thicknesses of the bridge deck, which kept the removal process moving quickly. Final cuts where performed in minutes, allowing for minimal disruption of the traffic below, which was not permitted to pass underneath the bridge while the large concrete sections were in the final stage of removal.

Slab Sawing

United was contracted to saw cut the bridge deck, parapet walls, and abutment walls of an exit ramp bridge. The majority of the cutting for the abutment walls was done with remotely operated, track mounted, hydraulic wall saws.

Wall Sawing

United Construction was contracted to saw the outside walls of the Naval Medical Center while keeping the existing beams intact. This was being done to allow for the expansion of the facility.

Concrete & Asphalt Cutting

United Construction was contracted to do Saw cutting work done at 1006 Jackson St. NE WDC. There was 320 feet X 14” depth in asphalt and 570 feet X 12” depth on concrete. Saw cutting work done at 1000 Jackson St. Ne WDC. There was 413 feet X 12” depth in asphalt and 98 feet X 12” depth on concrete.

Core Drilling

UCS was contracted to core drill drainage holes in three wastewater tanks. The tanks were being decommissioned so drainage holes were being drilled to prevent rainwater from collecting in them before they could be completely demolished. UCS had to drill two 6" diameter holes through the concrete floor of each tank, which was 36" thick at a minimum. This particular tank happened to have a much thicker floor, at 63".