Capability Statement

Providing Reliable Concrete & Saw Cutting Services

United Construction Services, LLC is headquartered in Washington, DC and oers high level quality services in concrete and saw cutting services. United Construction is more than just a saw cutting contractor. In addition to slab (flat) sawing, we also provide complete removal and replacement of concrete, core drilling, green sawing, grinding and grooving, joint sealing, wall sawing, wire sawing. The newest page in our cutting performance array is...concrete polishing.

Our skills and strengths set us apart from any other service provider.United has built a reputation for being able to provide service with little notice and in the most demanding environments.

Whether it's coring two holes in a commercial building in local markets or wire sawing expansion joints, United's flexible and experienced team of project managers and field technicians are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our clients.

Our Services
Flat Sawing

With our flat saws, we can cut anywhere from 0-26 inches deep through both asphalt and concrete. Our saws cut with horsepower at an output of 44 to 90 hp. with a max speed of 15000 rpm

Wall Sawing

Generally used for HVAC openings, doorway openings, and et cetera, our wall saws are precise. They can be operated remotely and can cut anywhere from 25-33 inches deep without overcuts, which is especially useful in large jobs like nuclear power plants or a dams where the concrete is extremely thick and otherwise dicult to penetrate.

Hand Sawing

We utilize a variety of handsaws ranging from electric, gas, and hydraulic powered. Primarily used for small spaces, corners, and small openings, we use handsaws generally inside to cut concrete at slabs

Concrete Coring

In order to core concrete, we use a drill motor that has a diamond infused core bit. We are capable of drilling anywhere from 50-100 feet deep with the use of continuous tubing technology

Wire Cutting

We use wire cutters when our other saws aren’t as well suited for the job. Our wire cutters use pulley system that pulls our diamondinfused wire and subsequently cuts whatever we need it to. Generally, we would wrap the wire around a pipe or box in order to cut it, and if we can wrap the wire around an object, it can be cut.

Concrete Breaking And Removal

We provide an extensive range of concrete breaking and removal services for projects for homeowners to commercial and industrial customers. We frequently use backhoes and bobcats to complete your demo which is more ecient on a smaller scale while still getting the job done right.

Concrete Demolition

Structural demolition is a tough and often dangerous job. However, United Construction Services makes sure that we do the job quickly, professionally, and most importantly, safely. We employ robotic hammering techniques and deploy large excavators to demolish structures industrial and commercial, maritime, and public, and tear down anything from harbors and ports to bridges and highways, and even nuclear power plants.

Highway & Pavement Repair

United also oers an extensive range of specialized highway and pavement repair services including Crack Routing & Sealing, Crack, Seat & Overlay, Saw Cut & Seal and Stitching.

Stormwater Management

In addition to our concrete services, we provide Stormwater Management to control "run off" from precipitation. We prevent physical damage to persons and property from flooding and to maintain the ecological integrity, quality and quantity of our water resources.

Traffic Control

Ensuring the safety of emergency response teams, construction workers and the general public, United directs vehicular and pedestrian traffic around a construction zone, accident or other road disruption.

Our Value
Commitment To Safety

We cut concrete, not corners. United puts the safety of its team and its customers first. Penhall has cultivated a culture of safety through:

  • Consistent, comprehensive training
  • Mentorship
  • Strategic planning
  • Safety conferences
  • A safety-first leadership team

Responsive Resources

United has the capabilities and the crew to get your job done right—anytime, anywhere. By investing in trucks and service equipment annually, United can ensure that our operators are prepared to keep the job moving, with the lowest level of downtime in the industry.

Established Expertise

Our dedicated team is rigorously trained to handle any situation and has the know-how to complete any job - no matter how complex or time-sensitive.

Commitment To Safety

From a clean, organized work site, to performing work on-time and on-budget, United consistently gets the job done with speed and accuracy. For over five decades, United has built a solid reputation for providing high-quality concrete demolition, cutting, coring, and sealcoating services.

Our customers know that they’ll get the concrete services they need, when they need them.

Our Projects
United’s various projects include the following:
  • DDOT – Military Rd, NW & Nebraska Ave, NW – Saw Cut
  • DDOT – C Street, NW & Louisiana Ave, NW – Saw Cut
  • Turner Construction – Oak Hill Project – Core Drilling
  • VDOT – Saw Cutting – Various Sites
  • VDOT – File Mile Hollow Drilling
  • Tompkins – Friendship Recreation Center – Saw Cutting and Wire Cutting

Memberships & Organizations

  • International Grooving and Grinding Association
  • Concrete Saw and Drilling Association
  • National Association of Minority Contractors
  • National Association of Black Women in Construction
  • Associated Builders and Contractors
  • Maryland/DC Supplier Council
SIC Code 1771-Concrete Work
DUNS Number: 07998078

NAICS Code :
  • 238110-Poured Concrete Foundation and Structure Contractors
  • Constructing or paving streets, highways, and public sidewalks
  • 237310- Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction
  • 238390- Other Building Finishing Contractors
  • 235710- Concrete Contractors